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North Carolina Street Heat is one of the most hot and diverse group of music artists coming out of North Carolina. This camp has Reggaeton, Rap, Dancehall, Roots Reggae, R & B, Jazz, Country, and Christian Rap(Now what yall know about that)!!!! Artists/Producers featured on NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT 12" Vinyl Record Projects: JON NOTTY aka RELL NYCE, DON CABAN aka SMARTY FRESH, EDDIE KANE jr aka EDWARD COFFEY jr, FIRE MARSHALL aka CLOVIS DOUGLASS, N.B. of ACE MOB, POISON DA FEMALE MC aka NIKKI, SHAYAR, APPLE JUICE KID, Y.O. aka YOLANDA RODGERS, MR. HOLLYWOOD aka HAROLD MITCHELL, CHANCE aka WAYNE WHITE, PARABLE aka QUINTIN HILL, BORNE aka BRYON STRICKLAND, GRANDE GATO aka J.O.T., BONITA SENORITA aka MS. CRYSTAL, TSUNAMI(DISCIPLE X, KODAK), CAPASTRO aka BRIAN SHEAR, MONYA DENNIS, and TRACK HEADZ(CUT aka COREY TAYLOR). Genre: All types of music Hometown: NORTH CAROLINA aka NORTH CAKALAK aka N.C. Record Label: J.O.T. RECORDS ABOUT EL PRESIDENTE de NORTE CAROLINA CALLE CALIENTE.... Artist Name: GRANDE GATO aka SUPAFLYY PREEST aka J.O.T GRANDE GATO aka SUPAFLYY PREEST aka J.O.T. is an influential force whether he is in la calle de Norte Carolina (North Carolina) or Miami, Florida. Although he is African American, GRANDE GATO had Latino influences in life that introduced him to both formal and informal(slang) Spanish language. Starting out as a breakdancer and DJ, GRANDE GATO tasted his first success at a party he did at the Sawtooth Center in WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA. He went from being one of the hottest DJ's in the N.C. underground scene to one of the hottest track making producers. Eventually GRANDE GATO started writing and rapping in Spanish. People started telling him that his Spanish lyrics were caliente, so he continued. Staying true to his roots as a DJ, GRANDE GATO has pressed his music on 12" vinyl, or "wax" as some call it, as well as CD. The 12" vinyl projects are entitled NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT, and are in series starting at volume #1 and the most current being #5 (reggaeton remixes of songs by GRANDE GATO aka J.O.T. are on #4). Because he has made rap songs in Spanish and also made Reggaeton remixes to some of those songs, GRANDE GATO has performed music for the Latino culture in both NORTH CAROLINA (2008 HISPANIC FESTIVAL “FIESTA”; 2007 Twin City Ribfest; 2009 NC STATE “EL SALSABOR” event; 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016 DIXIE CLASSIC FAIRGROUNDS; 2015 THE POURHOUSE MUSIC HALL reggaeton event; and MIAMI FLORIDA frequently (2003 UMOJA festival sponsored by LUKE RECORDS; I/O club in 2006, & in 2014 at the CORE DJ MUSIC SHOWCASE hosted by DJ DNA of RAW 66 HIP HOP SHOW from SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO along with BIGGIE SMALLS former DJ BIG KAP & ATL's #1 rated DJ BIGGA RANKIN....sponsored by COAST 2 COAST LIVE). GRANDE GATO had his book BREAKING STEREOTYPES published in 2006 which featured one of his LATINO performances on the front cover. To his credit, there are two more books published by GRANDE GATO(PRESS ON; I COULD HAVE GOTTEN REVENGE BUT I DIDN'T; and his first work published titled ABOUT J.O.T.). In 2007 he met Angela Star of INDIE STREET LATINO at the magazine’s music venue on Park Avenue in Miami. It was there GRANDE GATO gave the 12” vinyl Volume#4 to INDIE STREET LATINO’s boss lady and was later interviewed by Angela Star that same year. GRANDE GATO released his sixth CD album, “PARA GANAR”(“IN ORDER TO WIN”) in 2009, which featured singing by his business partner/music artist MS. BONITA SENORITA. In 2010 he released his seventh CD album "ESA QUE PASA"("THAT's WHAT's UP) featuring new songs by both he and his business partner BONITA SENORITA. Also released in 2010 is the 12" vinyl NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT project(Volume#5) which features SPANISH TRACKS like ESA QUE PASA and a DJ megamix of his song PARA GANAR which is on the new CD album as well. In 2011 GRANDE GATO releases his eighth CD album titled "LIMPIAR PALABRAS"("TO CLEAN WORDS") featuring his partner once again MS. CRYSTAL aka BONITA SENORITA. With his ninth CD album, “VERDAD”(“TRUE”), GRANDE GATO hit with mucho reggaeton tracks such as VERDAD, REGGAETON, & the remix to BONITA SENORITA’s song AROMATIC. Next was the release of “NUEVA MUSICA”(“NEW MUSIC”) for 2013, the tenth CD album for the J.O.T. RECORDS indie record label!!!! This particular project features a fusion of reggaeton beats & 90’s hip hop laced sounds as heard on the old school reggaeton remix of ESA QUE PASA. The eleventh cd album, “ESTILO(“STYLE”), hits listeners with a brand new high energy reggaeton title track ESTILO, while also featuring other tracks such as the remixed hard bass hitting SPANISH RAP song "PARA GANAR". On his latest SPANISH EP, “GRANDE GATO MUSICA”, GRANDE GATO gives his audience various caliente remixes with more current mainstream reggaeton which combine contemporary salsa dance rhythms with well delivered Spanish rap flow para fiestas de la calle!!!! TWELVE CD ALBUMS 1)I WON'T STOP BEING ME 2)NATURE OF MY BEING 3)ROCKING THE N.C. 4)UNDERGROUND RAPROAD 5)NITROGLYCERIN 6)PARA GANAR(IN ORDER TO WIN) 7)ESA QUE PASA(THAT’S WHAT’S UP) 8)LIMPIAR PALABRAS(TO CLEAN WORDS 9)VERDAD(TRUE) 10)NUEVA MUSICA(NEW MUSIC) 11)ESTILO(STYLE) 12)NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT presents THE ALBUM FOUR CD SINGLES 1)SELF ANALYZATION 2)SNOWFLAKES 3)BIOLOGICAL WARFARE 4)NORTH CAKALAK SIX 12" VINYL RECORDS NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT PRESENTS(Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 & 6)